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Bee and Deb traveled to Pine Top, AZ; Sedona, AZ and Los Alamos, NM April-May, 2010 to facilitate and experience vortex energies.

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We visited Mt. Ida, Arkansas "The Crystal Capital of the World" just after the 090909 Activation

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Photo Galleries ~ Cross Country Trip
June/July 2007
Travelogue of our drive to Washington State to the ECETI Conference

Gallery One San Antonio, Roswell, White Sands, Tombstone
Gallery Two Sedona, Grand Canyon, Morro Bay, CA
Gallery Three Mt. Shasta, Crater Lake, ECETI Conference, Yellowstone
Gallery Four Wind River Canyon, Mt. Rushmore


FRIDAY'S POSITIVE AFFIRMATION: Sacred Vortex Energy Blessing
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Greetings Dear Ones ....

Wouldn't you love to free yourself from hardships (real and/or imagined), break the bonds that hold you in one place and create a new, exciting personal reality ... an energized reality that will heal you ~ Heart and Soul ?


Because you CAN, if you truly so choose.

After visiting five different energy vortices during my four week road cross country trip, I was given extremely exciting and dynamic energies to pass along to you to use for yourself and for you to pass along ~~ 'pay it forward' ~~ as it were!

If you have called me recently, you may have received this energy transfer directly during our reading.  If not, please do call in ~~ I will, however, print the Energy Blessing here in today's Positive Affirmation so that you may receive this blessing NOW, and ... use today's affirmation to put it to good use in your life !

I cannot tell you how excited and energetic I have felt since I received these cumulative blessings during my trip --- which is particularly meaningful since I had been ill and my trip was even delayed a few days until I could get my meds straightened out!  I am very, very grateful to the Masters and the Universe at Large for gifting me in this manner. 

Here is the Energy Blessing:

Please place your left hand over your heart (your heart energy center/chakra) and your right hand over your brow (third eye energy center/chakra).  I  am transferring a very high voltage energy to you from my heart energy center to yours through my right hand which I have placed over a crystal pyramid shaped grid.   These crystals activated at the vortex energy centers and are powered up with positive energy.  Energies are being transferred to you directly from the Ascended Masters who were present at these vortex energy centers.  Beloved Master Quan Yin and numerous other Masters are all generating positive energy to be passed through me to you.  This is a continually renewable resource -- the more you give away, the more you will have to use for yourself.  You may keep it for yourself, if you wish, or pass it along to loved ones, friends, even strangers through a smile or a gentle touch of your hand backed by a positive thought.  Just know that you are creating an exciting new reality for yourself and the group consciousness that will heal you heart and soul.  You are blessed by these Sacred Energies.  And, So It Is.


Allow this energy to settle.  As it does, you should begin to feel warm, and very energetic. You may feel tingly.  Some of you may feel very little effect physically, but more spiritually. Each of you is different.    Once you feel at ease with this new energy, please begin to use the following affirmation:

" I am completely comfortable in this new, exciting energy field.  I am creating a new reality for myself which will carry me forward toward greater joy, more happiness, and abundance than my heart can hold. I use this energy for myself and pass it along to anyone who needs it. "

Remember ... say your affirmations in sets of three and say them often ! ~smile~

I hope you feel and enjoy this energy as much as I am.  My intent is to activate this energy in you when you read this post.  Of course, I am still available to work with you by telephone anytime you see my light on!  Just give me a call.


Sending much love and light always ...

Rev. Bee
"Dolphyn Wisdom of the Ancients"


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